1960 Guild M-65DP


Guild was open to a wide variety of custom requests – anything from different-colored hardware to completely unique one-off creations. A large number of the company’s guitars survive from the 1950s through the 1970s that don’t match catalog specifications, usually marked as “specials” on the labels. Such is the case with this M-65, which sports a non-standard second pickup.

The addition of a bridge pickup creates a hybrid between two Guild models: the M-65 Freshman and the M-75 Aristocrat. Both featured a small but completely hollow 13 ½” body (the M stood for “midget”) with an arched top and flat mahogany back. There were a few differences between them: the M-65 had a maple top while the M-75 had spruce, and the M-65 had f-holes and only a single pickup. The M-75 had block inlays and gold hardware while the M-65 made do with dots and nickel. In practice, though, the models were very similar in sound and feel; a number of M-65s have been modified with a second pickup to create something of an “Aristocrat light”.

Guild is known to have produced a few two-pickups M-65s as well; these were custom ordered and their labels note that they are special in one way or another. This is one such example; the label calls it an M-65 DP (Double Pickup). It’s all original except for the bridge saddle and in great condition, with just a few nicks around the edges. These tuners were not standard hardware on any Guild model, but they are correct for the period and there is no evidence that other tuners were ever installed. The serial dates to late 1960. The Franz pickups are comparable to Gibson P-90s in construction, but they have a somewhat sharper sound and higher output. The neck profile is typical of late 1950s Guilds, with a chunky but not particularly wide cross section.