1969 Guild M-75G Bluesbird

Nope, I didn’t post the same guitar twice. While it bears a strong resemblance to my 1972 Bluesbird, this specimen from three years earlier has some substantial differences. The pickups on this guitar are the smaller “anti-hum” units used through much of the 1960s; they have lower output and a brighter sound than the later HB-1s. Another major difference is obvious when the two guitars are lifted: this one is noticeably lighter because it lacks the partial center block that was introduced in the early 1970s. Since there is no internal structure into which posts can be anchored, this guitar features the same floating bridge as the original Aristocrat design of 15 years earlier.

Between the pickups and the internal construction, this guitar has a very different sound than its later counterpart. It has less sustain and bass available, but the neck pickup is less muddy. The guitar retains its original factory wiring, so the pickups are blended out of phase; this gives a strange “quack” to the sound as various frequencies are canceled out.