Old Frets: Directory of Instruments

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Type Year Brand/Manufacturer Model
Bandello 1940s Bandello Bandello
Banjo (5-string) 1929 Washburn Aristocrat
Banjo (banjeaurine) 1890 (ca) S. S. Stewart Imperial
Banjo (guitar) 1920s Schmick Lyric
Banjo (mandola) 1900 (ca) Fairbanks Mandola banjo
Banjo (melody) 1920 (ca) Sovereign Melody banjo
Banjo (plectrum) 1928 (ca) Leedy Amphion
Banjo (plectrum) 1968 (ca) Dopera Original Plectrum banjo (1)
Banjo (plectrum) 1968 (ca) Dopera Original Plectrum banjo (2)
Banjo (tenor) 1921 Bacon Special Grand Concert
Banjo (tenor) 1924 Bacon & Day Montana #1
Banjo (tenor) 1924 Vega Style X No 9
Banjo (tenor) 1924 Washburn Style A-1
Banjo (tenor) 1926 Gibson TB-2
Banjo (tenor) 1927 Bacon & Day Radio Special
Banjo (tenor) 1930 Super Orpheum Style 3
Banjo (tenor) 1931 Vega Artist
Banjo (tenor) 1932 Epiphone Concert
Banjo (tenor) 1932 Vega Moderne
Banjo (tenor) 1933 Epiphone Dynamic 2
Banjo (tenor) 1920s Leedy Solo Tone C
Banjo (tenor) 1920s Majestic Chief
Banjo (tenor) 1920s Stromberg Deluxe
Banjo (tenor) 1927 (ca) Leedy Special
Banjo (tenor) 1927 (ca) Leedy Apollo
Banjo (tenor) 1927 (ca) S. S. Stewart Wondertone B
Banjo (tenor) 1930 (ca) Ludwig Standard Art
Banjo (tenor) 1930 (ca) Majestic Tenor banjo
Banjo (tenor) 1930s May Bell Recording Master
Banjo (tenor) 1930s Mor-Tone Tenor banjo
Banjo (tenor) 1968 (ca) Dopera Original Tenor banjo
Banjo (tenor) 1969 (ca) Fender Electric tenor banjo
Bass 1958 Gibson EB-1
Bass 1967 Airline 7289
Bass 1967 National N850
Bass 1969 Guild Starfire II
Bass 1969 Kustom K-200D
Bass 1969 Micro-Frets Signature
Bass 1970 Guild JS-II
Bass 1971 Ampeg ARMUB-1
Bass 1972 Hagstrom HB 903 Swede
Bass 1972 Micro-Frets Stage II
Bass 1972 Ovation Typhoon V
Bass 1973 Mosrite 350
Bass 1975 Gibson L-9S Ripper
Bass 1976 Carvin CB100
Bass 1976 Guild M-85
Bass 1970s Sano Custom
Bass 1980 Turner Model 1
Bass 1982 Guild SB-203
Guitar 1928 National Triolian
Guitar 1934 Dobro All-Electric
Guitar 1934 National Style O
Guitar 1939 National Sonora
Guitar 1941 Gibson ES-125
Guitar 1949 National 1135
Guitar 1953 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe Regent
Guitar 1954 Silvertone 1375
Guitar 1954 Vega E-400
Guitar 1956 Epiphone FT-79
Guitar 1958 National Town and Country 1104
Guitar 1958 Rickenbacker 335
Guitar 1959 National 1198 BelAire
Guitar 1960 Guild M-65DP
Guitar 1961 Guild X-350
Guitar 1961 Magnatone 200
Guitar 1961 Vega Solidbody electric guitar
Guitar 1962 Guild X-500
Guitar 1962 Vega E-30D
Guitar 1964 National Glenwood 98
Guitar 1965 Magnatone X-20 Typhoon
Guitar 1966 Guild Starfire XII
Guitar 1968 Ovation Hurricane
Guitar 1968 Standel 520C
Guitar 1969 Guild ST-402
Guitar 1969 Guild M-75G Bluesbird
Guitar 1970 Guild M-65
Guitar 1972 Guild M-75G Bluesbird
Guitar 1974 Guild X-500
Guitar 1983 Carlo Greco Electric guitar
Guitar 1897 (ca) Merrill Style A
Guitar 1930 (ca) Epiphone S-3
Guitar 1930s Regal Leader 14M
Guitar 1930s Slingerland Songster 401
Guitar 1930s Vega Electric guitar and DeLuxe amp
Guitar 1930s Vega C-70
Guitar 1938 (ca) Vega C-75
Guitar 1940 (ca) Vega C-71 Soloist
Guitar 1940s Vega Profundo
Guitar 1950s Premier A300
Guitar 1959 (ca) Premier E734 Solid Electric Guitar
Guitar 1959 (ca) Premier E712 Bantam Deluxe
Guitar 1967 (ca) National Prototype electric guitar
Guitar (tenor) 1928 National Style 1
Guitar (tenor) 1929 Gibson TG-0
Guitar (tenor) 1931 Martin C-1T
Guitar (tenor) 1937 Gibson EST-150
Guitar (tenor) 1963 Guild Tenor guitar
Guitar (tenor) 1970 Gibson L-4CNT
Guitar (tenor) 1940s Vega Triumphal
Guitar (tenor) 1949 (ca) Vega Tenor guitar
Mandola 1920s Victoria Mandola
Mandola 1930s Larson Brothers Mandola
Mandolin 1907 Gibson A-3
Mandolin 1914 Stathopoulo 15A
Mandolin 1922 Beltone A-K
Mandolin 1932 Gibson F-2
Mandolin 1935 Weymann Mandolin
Mandolin 1940 Epiphone Century
Mandolin 1941 Martin 2-20
Mandolin 1951 Epiphone Zephyr
Mandolin 1954 Gibson Florentine Electric
Mandolin 1975 Dobro Ampliphonic
Mandolin 1975 Dobro Safari
Mandolin 1903 (ca) Howe-Orme Mandolinetto
Mandolin 1910 (ca) Stahl Violin Model
Mandolin 1910s Favilla Mandolin
Mandolin 1920 (ca) Regal Mandolin
Mandolin 1920s Harmony Roy Smeck Vita
Mandolin 1930 (ca) Vega 202
Mandolin 1930s National Style 1
Mandolin 1930s Slingerland Songster 181
Mandolin 1940 (ca) Rickenbacker Electro Mandolin
Mandolin 1950s Vega D-100
Octave mandolin 1913 (ca) Bohmann Octave mandolin
Steel 1928 National Style 4
Steel 1935 Epiphone Electrophone
Steel 1936 Dobro Electric Hawaiian and amp
Steel 1936 Epiphone Electar Hawaiian
Steel 1936 Epiphone Electar Model M
Steel 1936 National Electric Hawaiian
Steel 1936 National New Yorker
Steel 1937 Gibson EH-150
Steel 1938 Epiphone Electar Model C and amp
Steel 1939 National New Yorker
Steel 1940 Epiphone Zephyr
Steel 1940 National New Yorker
Steel 1940 Supro Electric Hawaiian
Steel 1941 Gibson EH-125
Steel 1941 Gibson EH-185
Steel 1942 National New Yorker
Steel 1942 Recording King Deluxe Hawaiian Electric and amp
Steel 1945 K&F Student
Steel 1946 Gibson BR-3
Steel 1946 K&F Deluxe
Steel 1951 Aloha Lap steel
Steel 1951 Vega Triumphal
Steel 1955 Epiphone Zephyr
Steel 1956 Gibson BR-6B
Steel 1958 Supro Console Sixteen
Steel 1960 Rickenbacker Model B
Steel 1965 Carvin 8DHG-5B
Steel 1965 National New Yorker
Steel 1967 Gibson Century
Steel 1930s Hager's Artist
Steel 1930s Slingerland Songster 400
Steel 1930s Vega Triumphal
Steel 1930s Vega Two lap steels
Steel 1935 (ca) National Electric Hawaiian prototype
Steel 1935 (ca) Rickenbacker A-22
Steel 1939 (ca) Vega Console Electric
Steel 1940 (ca) Gretsch Artist
Steel 1940s Rickenbacker Model B
Steel 1946 (ca) Rickenbacker Lap steel
Steel 1946 (ca) Vega Dual Console
Steel 1949 (ca) Epiphone Duo Console
Steel 1950 (ca) Magnatone Jeweltone
Steel 1950 (ca) Rickenbacker A-25
Steel 1953 (ca) Trotmore Lap steel
Steel 1960 (ca) Del Vecchio Lap steel
Steel 1960 (ca) Framus 0/12 Bali
Tenor harp 1920s Paramount Style E
Tenor lute 1920s Vega Tenor Lute
Tenortrope 1932 Dobro Model 60
Ukulele 1927 National Style 1