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A collection of rare, obscure, and otherwise nifty stringed instruments

Page from a 1940s Valco booklet

Welcome! My name is Noah Miller, and this website is dedicated to my ever-changing collection of vintage musical instruments. Some of these I still have, and some have found new homes since they were posted. It's a bit different from most people's dream collection; I mainly collect instruments from the dusty, forgotten corners of musical history, and this site is intended to bring them to light once more.

More about myself and my collection.


FOR SALE: I have decided to part with my 1941 Martin 2-20 mandolin. See my listing on Reverb.com for more information.


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1972 Guild M-75G Bluesbird 

1930s Slingerland Songster 401

1930s Vega electric guitar and DeLuxe amp

1958 National Town and Country 1104

1962 Vega E-30D

1930s Regal Leader 14M

1961 Magnatone 200

1969 Guild ST-402

1970 Guild M-65

1934 National Style O



1936 Epiphone Electar Model M

1936 National Electric Hawaiian

1939 National New Yorker

1935 Epiphone Electrophone

Ca. 1949 Epiphone Duo Console

1958 Supro Console Sixteen

1930s Vega Triumphal

Ca. 1946 Rickenbacker Lap Steel

1946 K&F Deluxe

1938 Epiphone Electar Model C lap steel and amp

1965 Carvin 8DHG-5B



Ca. 1903 Howe-Orme mandolinetto

1930s Larson Brothers mandola

1941 Martin 2-20

1975 Dobro Ampliphonic

1930s Slingerland Songster 181

1954 Gibson Florentine Electric

Ca. 1940 Rickenbacher Electro Mandolin

1951 Epiphone Zephyr


Other instruments:

1928 National Style 1 tenor guitar

1932 Vega Moderne tenor banjo

Ca. 1968 Dopera Original plectrum banjo

1937 Gibson EST-150 tenor guitar


Last updated: April 13, 2014.